Sunday, May 02, 2010

Earn Through Lockers
picture copyright to Apple and Lockerz

For invites:
Leave your e-mail here, or PM me or text me at 0915-7801966 and i'll send you an invite!

I got a few e-mail invites left to send out.

Or you can reply to this post.

The site is called Lockerz!!

Log in and answer a daily question to get 2 points and by logging in you get another 2 points.

You can get gifts like games, clothing and they offer tickets to HUGE concerts.

Stuff here is really cheap, Wii's are 1000 points, Macbooks are 4000 points, etc.

The site launches publicly October 15th, so you can't sign up regularly, You must be invited!!

THEY ARE VERY strict with their membership. So you only get an invite to filter scammers or only those who are interested.

This is an excerpt from their terms and conditions:

"At Lockerz, our membership is more than access to fabulous brands at amazing prices or discovering the coolest new music artists or videos. It's more than joining a social network that puts its customers first and rewards its membership with PTZ for making it thrive. It's a community -- of your friends, our friends and friends you've yet to make. So if you cheat the PTZ system (including, but not limited to, assisting others in cheating the PTZ system), you cheat the community, and for that you will lose your membership."

It's true that they feature a lot of artist and I am enjoying or discovering other culture because the videos are more of the British type.

I am now watching or following 'Prom Queen" which is a series of videos cut into 2 minutes each.
It's just like a very long commercial that you want to watch.

Anyone interested should immediately register as they have an option to lower PTZ or increase it or change it.


Anonymous said...

hi sis,

read your mail at n@w. if you still have invites, please invite ne, tnx!

dio (& rain)

Busy Bees said...

hallo sis! im interested! could u send me an invite pls :) my email addy

Irmee said...

Hi Agnez,

Pls send me an invite too. Thanks ha

marie said...

hi, sis! do you still have an available invite? i would love to receive one. thanks. - marie (

Rianne said...

Hi Sis!

Please please send me an invite as well - Thanks!

Unknown said...

hi sis!

I'm very interested... if you still have invites, could you please send one for me? thanks.. my e-mail add is

thanks again! :)

Beibi said...

thanks sis!

I already sent an email o everybody,
please register soon, they will launch this publicly
anytime. It will beharder to get a point.


RacheX said...

hi sis! i just read your email at n@w. i'm a (recently) sahm looking for means to have a stable future w/ our baby. if you still have invites left, i'll be very very glad to have one.
-rachel ni ten-

poison ivy said...

hi there! if you still have more, please send me an invite too!


Anonymous said...

Hi, Sis!

I saw your email at N@W. Do you still have invites? Please do send me an invitation. Thank you so much!

Diane Villordon

Grace said...

hi sis! do send me an invitation:

Cassie said...

hi rachel, dianne, ivy and grace, I already sent the invite, please check your mail. thanks.

maan said...

me din sis. :)

Anonymous said...

sis, my email is pls inviet me if you still have remaining slots. TIA.

Anonymous said...

hi sis,

im interested also kindly send the invite at



Unknown said...

hello sis,

read your email also at n@w, pls send me an invite too, thank you very much!


ads_1115 said...

Hi sis, im also interested. please send me an invite too,


Cassie said...

hi, you can now check your mail for the invites.

claire said...


may i request an invite?


lharri said...

wanna try this too. pls. email me at

thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sis! Saw your post at GT.. Pls Pls Pls send me an invite. here's my email addy: