Monday, July 05, 2010

Mossimo Casting Call 2010

Out of 2, 263 kids there are a total of 1,799 kids selected and only 20 will be declared winner.I got his information from myfameandfortune link to se click here site.

I received an email last June 24 informing me that Kiara was selected, though i do not know the criteria, I was excited.. I know Kiara is cute,, just like what every mother feel. i was excited on that day, i even want to have a pedicure for myself and had the gap clothes cleaned in the laundry shop and even had it pressed.

I even loaded the car with a thousand peso gas and paid the toll fee and then had to dine at Don Henrico for the Casting Call at Festival Mall. In short, I spend a lot for this and was a little disappointed when I see the crowd of babies and kids.

You know, it's like Kiara was special or so I thought then I learned of this statistics and I was correct at my hunch that they tried to include almost everybody. Make everybody feel special to even go to a a very far place, it will totally help the Festival Mall and i am sure there are a lot of kids who were wearing Mossimo clothes. Though it was not a requirement that they be in a Mossimo clothes. But I am sure they had a bit of earning from the mothers who wanted their baby to be models. I was fighting the urge to get a Mossimo shirt for Kiara, secretly I had that wishful thinking that I want at least for Kiara to be considered but then again I know it is really hard to get Kiara to do what we want. Kids are kids.

I do not want to accuse Mossimo, and the Festival mall of deceiving us mothers, because we came there at our own free will and we did not pay for anything. It is a valid model search and I just want to wish those selected luck and hope next time we can attend earlier and Kiara will learn to smile. She will be older then..

It was fun though seeing the mothers and the kids, prepping their children. Though it was also not fun seeing mothers asking their children to do what they want, like I've been in the waiting area and one mother was yelling to his son " sit, sit sit!" just like a dog..

What a sight!


Anonymous said...

Hi! Me and my son came too. We have the same feeling regarding what happened. I really thought they already "pre-selected" the candidates. By my oh my! tsk tsk.

Beibi said...

Agree! but that is good business for them, there were a lot of parents who really attended the event.