Sunday, September 05, 2010

Feeling Low: Is This Depression?

I've been feeling low at the beginning of this month, probably from a lot of backlog because we were away for one week and went back with a lot of work. Kiara is sick with fever for 2 days now and I hope it is just a minor illness. Been losing sleep but I do not feel the need to sleep. I do not feel sleepy, maybe I am manic depressive again. Maybe I am self-disgnosing.

NOw I yawned but do not want to sleep. I have no energy left in me. I just came from a vacation but my body still crave for a vacation.

Mothers need vacation!

Since Kiara was born, I've been losing sleeping time. No one to blame.

That's why I wonder, how did my mother raised 6 children, when I am already tired of one?

My mother raised us full time, I envy those stay at home mom who are with their children.

It's always a conflict for me to stay at home and be with Kiara or work, it is between your career and your family.
I need the money and the feeling of accomplishment, but with all these expectations,
in return, I feel stressed out and feeling all kinds of somatic complaint.

I know what is good, I am dreaming of a life in the province or somewhere cool like Tagaytay or Baguio,
not the city life. Stress free...

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