Thursday, May 09, 2013

My Sister's Wedding

Four days from now is Mother’s Day and yet Mama is still in a comatose state at the ICU of a hospital. It was the wedding day of my older sister and we were busy preparing at a hotel. I was on the second floor of the hotel together with the bride and my other sisters to have our pictures taken when Mama was unconscious. Mama was left at the hotel room with my father and two brothers at that time since she said that she has to pee and they will just follow suit. After peeing, Mama experienced difficulty in breathing at the hotel room that prompted my brother to request assistance from the front desk for wheelchair. When Mama fell unconscious, they rushed her outside the room and went for the elevator. My brother also noted that the hotel staffs were just standing when they saw them carry Mama to the elevator. Little did we know that while we were smiling in front of the camera on the second floor of the hotel, there was already a commotion in the hotel lobby. My brother was furious as there was no doctor on standby at that time and no standby vehicle for such emergencies. Oh, but they do have a standby vehicle reserved for a guest who will be picked up from the airport! They did not even request an ambulance from Medical City and just gave a very lame excuse that it would take longer if we would wait for an ambulance instead of rushing Mama to Medical City. Fortunately, a part of the wedding entourage was at the drop off area of the hotel and they just used his vehicle to bring Mama to the hospital. The Nurse on Duty was with them but it was obvious that she didn’t know what to do for no first aid treatment has been administered to Mama and she just kept on taking Mama’s blood pressure even if she was already unconscious! She didn’t even bother to check along the way if Mama has a pulse. My brother contacted his friend who was a pediatrician at Medical City that they were coming and to coordinate the matter to ER. Alas, Mama arrived with no vitals and was just revived by the ER team of Medical City. Total revival time took 14 minutes which is around 15 minutes since it was a Friday and the start of the three-day Mega Sale. Her lack of oxygen for more than ten minutes resulted in her comatose state, and according to her doctors she scored 3 in the Glasgow Coma Scale, the lowest score, meaning she was unresponsive to any kind of pain inflicted on her. What started as a festive day ended in a somber mood, anxiety was seen in our faces during the ceremony. What should be the ‘best day ever’ of my Ate became the ‘worst day ever’, including ours too. I just fervently hope that we can celebrate Mama’s 69th birthday on May 11 in a private room, and with her eyes opened, instead of celebrating it at the ICU.

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Lhora said...

how come that this prominent hotel cannot handle that kind of emergency? nakakainis po isipin na ganyan po pala ang nangyari sa mother nyo.
don't worry ma'am, we will continue to pray for the fast recovery of you mother..