Sunday, May 04, 2014

Baby Girl Names

Example HTML page There are so many names to choose for a baby girl, every parent want a unique name for their babies because they will grow and die with their names. Majority of the Filipino names are from the first letter of their parents's name. Some are a combination of their names: Shirley (mother) Aurelio (father) the baby becomes Shirel. The trend nowadays are having two names and most are foreign sounding.

These are some of MY options:

Eloise Vivienne
Kenna Sofia
Daniella Eloise
Beatrix Sofia
Beatrix Eloise
Mari Arendelle
Lana Celestia
Celestia Anne - not a good choice associated with Anne Heche
Lana Eloise

Individually I like Eloise and Sofia. I like Eloise because I want to use part of my mother's name Lourdes. So there is a "LOU" in her name. I like Sophia because it is one of the top names but there are
a lot of girls named Sophia or Sofia. Beatrix means "She who brings happiness". Now the last name is Montalbo, this last name's meaning is Mountain.  I would like to choose Arendelle from the Disney Frozen because my little girl Kiara is addicted with Frozen and is also addicted with My Little Pony. There is a Princess Celestia character in My Little Pony.

Oh I want a nice sounding name for my new baby! Help.

Here are some available baby book names for easy reference:

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Lhora said...

Hi Ma'am! I think Beatrix Sofia is a nice name.. :)