Thursday, June 19, 2014

Tim Ho Wan at Megamall

We tried to eat at the famous Tim Ho Wan at Megamall and we were fortunate not to wait for a long line and we got a table right away. We tried some of the popular dishes, Pork buns, Carrot Cake, Pork roll, Vermicelli with sweet sesame sauce.

i do not know what is the hype with the food. Yes, I admit it was served hot and fresh. The pork buns were maybe above average but not something that you will crave for and it is not something that you will remember that you want to keep on eating it or keep on wanting more.

The vermicelli that we ordered costs 140 pesos and the vermicelli with pork or shrimp costs around 160 (pork) and 190 (shrimp) better order the ones with the filling than be left with only a vermicelli and sweet sauce.

The pork rolls (siomai) is ok, I have tasted it somewhere similar yet less expensive.
The fried carrot cake, is a little oily and I do not know what is the ingredients of that, labanos? hehehehe. We ordered it just to try it but better put your money on the pork buns next time.

Our bill totals 790.00 for the four orders (we ordered two pork buns) and I think you can also get the same taste when you eat in a hotel eating the same food.

I do not know this is my honest review of the food. well, there may be something extraordinary with the food but I find it not really as awesome as they claim. It is not something "wow" maybe i just do not like dimsum so much.

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