Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Adjustment Blues

How many days am I married?

I am 44 days married, so far, do I like it? Well, I feel like I am still on vacation, because the house that we are living looks like a resort room. It is a new house, it was owned by one of our Ninongs, they let us stay there. There is an aircon in every part of the room except the bathroom. We pay no rent, we only pay the utility bills.

We only have a ref, a washing machine and an oven, which we don't use. We only used the TV, we got them as gifts from Perfect Moment. Last week, we bought a matress, before we used to lie down on the floor with only a comforter as sheet.

My husband's family has their own helper who washes and irons the clothes plus cleans the house. They have an orderly house, I kinda miss our house, kasi mas magulo, mas masaya, though I like living there, nothing compares sa bahay namin.
Dito I have to always clean, clean as you go, though I didn't really have that attitude pero nasanay na ako. Burara daw ako sabi ni Mama ko, kaya hindi ako makapagkalat kila Irwin, mabuti na rin yun. Pero Irwin is makalat din, kung ako nga trying hard to be makalat siya makalat, pero siyempre they expect me to pick up the mess, kaya ayun, sinabihan ko si Irwin na iayos ang mga kalat nya.

I also told him na, if we are living in a different house, I could scold him at siya ang magliligpit ng kinain namin, well, the only thing that I do there is to wash the plates after eating, I like naman what I am doing except for the time na pagod na ako, and everyone watches "Kampanerang Kuba" ako naman kahit hindi ko panoorin basta lang makaligpit na ako at maka akyat na sa taas. Haay so pagkatapos ng Kuba dapat medyo tapos na rin akong magligpit. Monday's are hectic for me, kasi I still have to put the pressed clothes sa aparador at ayusin, minsan sa pagod, kinabukasan ko na gagawin, but I do not want to appear tamad naman, so kahit na pagod aayusin ko na.

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