Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Chuck and Irwin

Chuck is the newest Tv Series in NBC and Irwin was able to download it. I was not interested when he was watching it so I did not watched it with him. Yesterday, with nothing else to do, I tried to watch it. Geeks and Nerds! Maybe we are a bunch of nerds.
Now I understand why he liked it, Irwin is Chuck, my very own computer geek, nerd, wizard, expert whatever else you call him. For those who doesn't know him he looks like a Chinese businessman or someone working at a bank, but he solves big problem. He has a lot of databases in his head, just like Chuck. He is the master downloader. He is the idol of his colleague, I never met someone who surpasses his expertise in computer.

Speaking of nerds, maybe we are nerds, me included. I remember one time when we were in the hospital, it was early in the morning and we were discussing "The Theory of Evolution". My sister, Dulce who was also in the hospital cannot believe what she was hearing. With no breakfast yet, we were discussing big topics. She said that " hindi ko matake ito, masyadong intellectual!". After saying that we all laughed, and stopped the discussion and shifted to more common topics like breakfast.
"Gutom lang yan."

Now, I married a computer expert and he married a psychophilic. I wonder what would become of our children.

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