Thursday, February 07, 2008

e-governance and anything politics

Because I do not watch the television or read the newspaper, I am so lost and speechless with the discussion in our masteral class this evening. I was even reporting on e-governance and I was only listening to them argue.

I didn't know JDV was ousted. I didn't know the accusations against Mike Arroyo. I didn't know anything about the 4 million bribe. I didn't know anything. SAD, and I call myself a Filipino.

So there they were discussing about the recent news, on Mike Arroyo's "gahaman" ways of corruption. They said they believed everything Joey DV says. I want to agree with them. Yes, I agree with them. They even said that FG has 10 million every month from PAGCOR. That is 120 million in a year. My oh my, really, bad people die last.

So Mikey and Datu Arroyo were the first to raise their hands against JDV. They do not act like Congressmen, they act like their father's son.

In spite of the growing peso, I still cannot feel any improvement. We need a change.

Go JDV!!! Expose everything you know about the President. Expose their corruption!!!

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