Monday, February 25, 2008

Avent Feeding Bottles

My first purchase for my baby was bought with my internet money from blogging. Isn't it nice? Some site accepts paypal money but they do not deliver at a non-US address like, I can't edit the account so I tried to look for another site and found

On the day that I purchased this online, another internet money came through my paypal account and it was too late because I should have used all my money to avail of the free shipping.

All in all, I earned a total of $70.00 in blogging since I started in October. I've been looking for other opportunities but it seems that there are limited opportunities and I am quite busy these days.


Anonymous said...

Hello there.. u've been tagged in my blog.. check it out :)

Jeanne said...

a tag for you :

Unknown said...

hi,i stumble your blog through jeanne's blog.Your blog is intersting to read.:)yup these days it's hard to grab opp and i was trying to wake up early morning to check for more opp.Maybe you can try snapbomb.Thanks for adding me!will check back your post again.have a nice weekend!

Rockstarmomma said...

hi sis! i use avent too for my baby! :) good thing you earned from blogging, it's hard to get opps nga these days and I'm trying to find sites pa where I can make money so I can buy lotsa things din for my baby :)