Friday, March 14, 2008

Anxiety Attack Over Possible Birthing Expenses

My sister-in-law gave birth to a healthy boy last March 1, 2008. We share the same OB and she delivered her baby at the Medical City and was able to avail of the package for the ward. She only paid 45,000 for three days confinement. It was cheap considering it is Medical City. Now our OB told me to prepare a lot of money because I have a high-risk pregnancy and I cannot avail of the ward. Her remark made me really so anxious, worried and angry. Imagine, I've been taking care of myself, I've never had a bed rest, I'm eating healthy foods, taking my vitamins, I've been going to my Immunologist etc. In short, she was trying to imply that I maybe a Ceasarian case. Now that really made me angry, how can she tell at this early stage of my pregnancy ( 5 months) that I may have complications at birthing?
I was really pissed off and this made me worried because right now I am thinking of looking for another OB. Just thinking about it can make my blood pressure go up and I do feel a little hurt by her remark. I always think that I am going to have a normal delivery and I am positive that I will have no complications. But with her remark, really I am so worried.

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