Sunday, March 16, 2008

Something Fishy According to RB

Just to update my blog and not my pimply face showed up as the latest post, I will try to blog about our breakfast at Something Fishy a long, long time ago. My father works in Davao and he comes to Manila once a month, he will be coming again this March 19 for the Holy Week season.
We went out last month to have a get together. Everybody was there and I am happy to be there too. My sister who works in Laguna is there including RB and Ate Luz, my sister-in-law who is in Pangasinan, also starring is Mark, my sister's boyfriend. The same group who went to Palawan last November to celebrate my parents' wedding anniversary. Our family is getting bigger with a new addition in four months!


Rhea said...

Hi Agnes,

Love your header =) I've got a tag for you.

Have a blessed week ahead.


Anonymous said...

hehe..pls add me..added you already Agnes.

Unknown said...

Agnes,my hometown is very near to your dad work place.I am sure your family can't wait to welcome the new arrival.:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Agnes, saw your blog from Jeanne. Wanna exchange link with me?