Saturday, November 15, 2008

Travel with Ease and Style

We like to travel, since we've been together, Irwin and I made it a point to travel every year, last year we've been to Palawan with my whole family. The year before that we've been to Baguio for our CAS Team Building.We've been to Coron, Palawan for our honeymoon, been to Boracay three times already since it is our favorite destination. Next we plan to visit Bohol, Davao, Iloilo, Cebu and Ilocos.

Now that Kiara is an addition to our family, we've been thinking of travelling outside the country. Next year, his cousin from the USA will be having her 18th birthday on February. He will be a member of the 'Cotillion'. I hope we can all attend the party. What a very far party!

Hmm. That would be wishful thinking.

Okey, to make our plan very reasonable and attainable maybe we should just visit our friends in Singapore or make and Asian tour, maybe Hong Kong and visit Disneyland? Sayang, now that the dollar rate is up we should have tried to have a tour before.

We have another option, yearly the graduate school would visit partner universities in Asia. Two years ago, (sayang ulet) they've been to 5 countries in two weeks, kaya lang di kaya nakakapagod ang ginawa nila? They went to Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, Bangkok and Malaysia and it only cost them around 15 thousand each. This is a group package kasi, some accommodations were sponsored by the partner university. In some city they stayed in a hotel. Kaya nga nag-aabang ako ng next na schedule pero parang wala naman next year. Our College dean told me to try and search for some group packages available in the net. Ok, sige gagawin ko.

So I guess I have to plan the travel na lang. We are not adventurers translated as pag nagpupunta kami sa isang lugar gusto namin ayos na ang lahat. We are not the type who goes to a place and dun pa lang hahanap ng accommodation or makikipagsapalaran. Preferably sana may hotel na, naka book na ang flight at ready to go na.

My friend who recently went to Vietnam recommended this site I checked it out. I was surprised kasi ang galing, it is my first time to see a site ha hindi ka na mag-convert from dollar to peso. gulat nga ako eh. So eto mega hanap ako ng places to visit. List ko muna saka ko pa-approve kay bossing. Galing nitong site, nakita ko pa nga ang Dusit dito eh. My sister-in-law works here. This is a good site kasi they list all the hotels and their prices in your own currency.

Next, ang flight schedules! Sana meron ding ganito kaya lang dynamic kasi ang flight eh. Kaya mahirap din. I'll look for a good flight site na lang. Any recommendations?


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