Sunday, February 01, 2009

Golfing in Germany

When you hear the word golf, Tiger Woods would be one of the first associated words that comes to your mind. Tiger Woods inspires a lot of people, especially kids who want to take golf as their hobby or as their chosen sports.

I was thinking right now if my little baby will also be interested in golf if we are not golf players. I played once in a driving range when one of my friends introduced me to the game, turned out I am a better player than her according to the "pulot" girl.
That was the last time I touched a golf club.

Jose Rizal, if he is still alive today, will he be playing golf while in Germany?
I wonder..
There is this online German portal that offers golf courses to people of all ages including children. In Germany, not everybody can play golf, you need special permission and a test to be able to play in a golf course and it is called Platzreife. You need to undergo training and a test to be able to play golf at a fee. Here they will teach you the basics of golf, the rules and regulations, the terms used in golf and after that you will be given an exam to qualify. If you pass the test you can now enjoy the game in private golf courses and if you do not have it you are limited to playing only in public areas. If you want to have a career in golf and you are in Germany better have yourself tested first.

When playing golf you need to buy equipments and gears like a golf club, a golf shoes, a golf ball, golf organizer, etc. If you are in training you may need some practice nets or driving mats. This site in golfkurs
Golfurlaub offers some links to popular golf stores in Germany where you can compare prices and products. This is excellent because you can browse from a lot of stores before trying to buy your gear or accessories.

So when in Germany and you want to play golf, check out the golfkurs website.

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