Sunday, February 08, 2009

Trip to Batangas: Reminiscing past travels

Going to Batangas City is now convenient because of the Star Tollway. Before it would take you at least 2 hours to go to Batangas but with the Star Tollway, we could be there in 90 minutes.

But that is not the reason for posting in this blog. I started to miss my family meaning my mother, father and my siblings. Irwin's family is in the South and mine is in the North. We pass the NLEX everytime we go to our province. I look forward to the travel especially eating at Jollibee Luisita in Tarlac.
It has no meaning to me before but now these things and memories are important.

We went there to say goodbye to a cousin who is going to the States because of her petition and will not be back in ten years. Kiara will be very old by then. I am even older. Ate Jonelle is Irwin's cousin and will not be back for a long time. She is a kind and carefree cousin, I bet she wont last in the States for long so we predict that we will see her sooner.

Going to the South is more of an obligation to fulfill but if I have a choice I would always rather go North with my family.

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