Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ryan-Juday Wedding

I watched the exclusive video of their wedding last night on Channel 2 and I conclude that Ryan was pretentious or not too in love with Juday just because his gestures while waiting in the altar was a defensive one. He was crossed-armed. Now, can you identify or show me a groom who has that gesture on his wedding day. He is not nervous, if he is, his hands would be in his pocket or holding a hanky. He was viewing Juday while walking down the aisle as if it was not his wedding like distancing himself from what is happening. It looks like a whole scripted thing to me, his gestures. But of course, Juday was very much in the scene, like living a dream, like any bride. She was true and spontaneous.

I also do not like the fact the when they were in the boat, Ryan was with his male friends and Juday was shown sleeping alone. I do not know the sequence of events but if you are marrying the woman that you love, wouldn't you want to be on her side most of the time?

After watching it, I guess I pity Judy Ann, he doesn't deserve Ryan. Ryan should stay uncommitted. Well, give him the benefit of the doubt, maybe I am wrong.

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