Thursday, May 21, 2009

Where's the Party? Shakeys, McDo, KFC, Jollibee?

St. Michael's Retreat House


Clubhouse of Riverfront

shakey's El Pueblo

I've been preparing for the birthday of Kiara, I already booked Ging Lorenzo for the photo. She is the first supplier that I booked. I've browsed through several birthday supplier rating, checked out several stores, still I can't decide where to celebrate it. Then, I read an article that what is important for a baby's first birthday is that the baby will be surrounded by family and friends who can make the baby happy or laugh. Yes, a mother is proud of her baby but the comfort of the baby should be considered. We were almost aiming at Antipolo for her birthday and we live in Pasig. It would take a while to get there and go back after the party. Right now, I can't send Ging the details for the service agreement because I haven't finalized the venue yet.

I am busy with my summer class but it ends this Saturday. Hopefully, I could really focus on the birthday preps. Hopefully!
God Help me!

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