Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Caregiver The Movie

Do you remember the Caregiver movie of Sharon Cuneta? A lot of people can relate to that movie especially people from the Philippines. Filipino caregiver have been going around the world working for foreigners, taking good care of them, providing for their needs and sometimes they end up as their friends.

One of my favorite scene in the movie was when Sharon was caring for an elderly person and he was a bit irritable and difficult. Of course in real life and in the movie, anyone caring for an elderly for the first time will be faced with a lot of adjustments. Sharon's character was one who is not giving up easily and tries hard to be friends with the old man. In the end, she was rewarded with a book that was given to her when the elderly died. It was a touching and moving scene.

I also remember a relative from Seattle who was here last Christmas who was talking about a seniors housing Seattle. It is very convenient for the Americans. It is not that they will be neglected, they are taken care of in that institution.

I have a grandmother in our house, she is Irwin's grandmother and she was with us because she had an operation. We were always busy and we cannot provide for her other needs like having a short talk. She lived in Pampanga and there, she has a lot of older friends which constantly talks to her.

Irwin also has a friend whose elderly was in a seniors housing New York and one was in seniors housing in Los Angeles. Irwin worked in New York around year 2001 and he was in Yorktown Heights just outside the city. It is a good place for retirement he said especially for the elderly.

Everybody grows old, if you can think of your retirement and is still able, you can buy a beach front, a property in one of the provinces or retire in a nursing home. Some people just do not want to be a burden to their families so they opt for a nursing home.


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