Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Traveling This Holy Week

Any hours now, people will be flocking the bus station, waiting for a ride to their destination this Holy Week. The season of Lent marks the beginning of a long vacation. And it is Summer! Some will go to the beach traveling by sea or air and some can go to the nearest beach like in Batangas or Subic or in Ilocos.

It is a big problem though if ever you will have a long trip and suddenly you need some New Auto Parts. It such a hassle if your car breaks down and you have no spare parts to repair your vehicle. The best thing to do is to check your vehicle days before your long ride or test it a day before the travel. You do not want to spoil your vacation just because of a malfunctioning car.

If only there are door to door delivery of spare parts who can assists you anywhere. One call and they are there.
But during this time I think there are road assistance for this kind of problem.

The best thing to do, bring a cap for the hot weather, check your cars, and bring lots of water.
Enjoy the vacation everyone and spend some time in meditation...

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