Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Remembering Baguio

It is quite rainy today and yesterday, reminds of the weather in Baguio when we went there last June. It was raining in the afternoon and it stopped at night. So what else can we do but curl and lay in bed during the rainy aftrnoons. But when the night strikes, we put on our jackets and head straight to Kaffee Klatsch. It was a discovery actually, recommended by one of a young professors attending our seminar.
Off we go and try out this secluded coffee place to taste thier famous Baguio Beans.

Hmm. I could still smell it. It brings me back to the cozy place, acoustic music and the coolness of Baguio. Hot Coffee. Coolness.


Mec said...

pag coffee and Baguio naman, all I can think of is Cafe by the Ruins... and to think I didn't have coffee there (kasi I don't drink coffee, so I had cocoa instead)

anyway, do have a great week ahead! :)

Beibi said...

Hello Mec,

you don't drink coffee because you don't like it or because you are pregnant? ayy, inggit ako...
Saan ang Cafe by the Ruins?