Friday, February 08, 2008

Pregnancy Update

Short of 3 days before my 18th week of pregnancy, I visited my OB and Immunologist. According to my OB I have to watch out for my blood pressure and I have to take another glucose exam on week 24. I also have to take a Doppler Meter to check the blood vessels from the umbilical cord of the baby to my placenta. When I told this to my immunologist, she readily gave me the request for that test. The test, I am sure cost a lot again. Well, anything for my baby, I am willing to do it.

I was able to talk to one of the patient in my Immunologist clinic, we have the same condition except that she has to inject herself everyday for blood thinning and they went there to have her husband's blood transferred to her, to check if they are compatible. It is another cause of anti-bodies working against the body. She too had a miscarriage and this is her second pregnancy.
She is also taking aspirin and steroid just like me.

We have to have my ultrasound done at the Medical City because it should include description of the placenta. My baby is growing bigger and bigger everyday, in two weeks I can be able to feel the baby's movement. I can't wait. We were able to see the baby's toes, and fingers and hand and the face is noticeable.

I have to agree with Claudine Baretto, " I can die or kill for my children", guess being a mother brings out the lioness or tiger-like protection for the offspring. I too am willing to die or kill for them. It is a different perspective now, now that I am approaching motherhood in less than 5 months.

I can't wait but I have to.


Jeanne said...

i don't know that you're pregnant :) i hope everything is ok with you. hav a nice weekend

Beibi said...

Thanks, I am very, very pregnant!