Thursday, May 22, 2008

Countdown to 36 weeks

After being discharged from the hospital a typical week for me would be like this:

Monday - rest the whole day
Tuesday - Non-Stress Test at Medical City Fetal Monitoring where they checked the heartbeat and any contractions
Wednesday - Consultation with Immunologist at Manila Doctors
Thursday - Bio Physical Screening at Medical City
Friday - rest day
Saturday - Doppler Studies at Medical City

I have four doctors, an Immunologist, OB, Perinatologist and an Endocrinologist
at the day I will give birth through CS all four doctors will be present.

Last Monday, I even went to a specialist in Infectious Disease because they found a bacteria which might contribute to the early contractions, results showed that it is a common bacteria found in every human.

Now my baby has not gained weight and today if after the BPS and she has not gained, I will give birth today.
Hopefully, she did gain some weight and we are glad we do not want her yet to appear prematurely. She will have to be incubated pa.

Now, I have to eat a lot, as in a lot to help the baby gain weight, Normal birth is not an option anymore. So I must let her stay inside me and feed her to gain muscles and fats.

I really thank God, she is Ok.

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