Saturday, May 31, 2008

It All Started With The Baby Shower

My present condition started with the baby shower, the last guest stayed overnight and left the next day. We went to bed around 3 am that morning, that night till morning they were still singing until morning. My father-in-law told us that we should already stop our guest from singing because everybody was already sleeping and we have a baby in the house and the neighbors were disturbed in their sleep. Of course we cannot sleep because that guest is still awake. So I already called her several times to sleep already. She was singing with my husband's cousins. So I told all of them that they should sleep already.

I do not want to blame her so I will just blame myself. I shouldn't have asked her to come at 10pm when all the guest were already leaving. She should have the consideration to think of my condition (pregnant) and should have gone home after eating and not stayed overnight at our place. (she is usually welcome to stay overnight before) Even when I was at the hospital she wants to visit me at 11 pm but now I told her that I need to rest.

I don't know, maybe if you really care about me, you should think of visiting me in the morning and not when it is convenient for you.

Really in times of trouble, you will know who your real friends are.
And in times when you are successful, you will also know your real friends because real friends should be happy with your accomplishments if they get sour, they are not your friends.

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