Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Funny Bag Story

coach patchwork bag

Tignanello bag

Last November, one of Irwin's uncle from the States arrived and brought us several handbags. Uncle boy has a lot of Coach bags and he has one Tignanello bag. I was particularly eyeing this very attractive coach bag ( 3rd picture above) but I have to keep my excitement because in reality that bag will never ever be mine. House culture dictates that whatever leftovers ( napag-pilian or ayaw) will be passed to me. I cannot choose what I want.

So the inggitera in me, tried to sulk a little bit because I got this plain, never heard before bag and together with Irwin tried to research about the authenticity of the coach bags. Turned out from among the bags that Uncle Boy bought, mine turned out the original. We found a similar Coach bag from a site that sells different kinds of bags from Coach to Balenciaga.

We even went to Divisoria after Christmas to look for a similar bag because Irwin knows it's fake. We didn't see any. Just last week it was his sister's ( she got the bag) turn to go to Divi and sees her bag in different shapes and size to her disappointment. Nahuli lang kami ng 2 weeks saka siya lumabas.

I thought these bags are forbidden in the States kasi pirated and fake?


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