Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It's Cooler in Scottsdale, Arizona

Today, it is 33 °C in Manila, it is cooler in Scottsdale, Arizona with a temperature of 21°C. My baby Kiara would have love that kind of weather. Like right now, she can't sleep and she is always sweating. There is also an increase in electricity bill because of the heat. Oh, it is really hot these days.

I remember when I was a trainee in a call center and we have to memorize the states of America and some trivia that goes with it. The state of Arizona does not follow the daylight savings time because in their history they have a lot of banks there and if they will follow DST they always have to change the passwords, computers and some application in the bank just to follow DST.

So, going back to the weather, Manila's weather is hotter than Arizona. If I live in the States I could purchase some Arizona lands and you can find some properties at this site Scottsdale real estate. Check this one out Eagle's Pass located near a four Season's Resort and Spa.

The property is spacious and ideal for kids and for fitness conscious people.

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