Saturday, January 09, 2010

Autism and Special Education

I attended a Spedexpo last year because we plan to enroll in a Special Education Program and apply for a certificate. I've been looking for some articles on autism to gather some information on the disorder. I also had an article in my blog on autism because of my fear with my baby girl as having autism but of course she does not have the disorder.
In the seminar, the mother of the autistic child was crying because her autistic child was a first born and she has many hopes for her child. She provides the child with all that he needs. The child is lucky, some autistic child came from poor family and having an autistic child can sometimes put you in

I've read this article on autism which explains the Miller Method of handling children with autism. This is the first time I've heard this method and it was not mentioned or included in the seminar that I attended. I also never had a chance to read them in my Abnormal Psychology books.

This is an informative article for those who are currently caring for an autistic child. It explains the Miller Method and it talks about two kinds of autistic children—those with closed system disorders and those with system-forming disorders, each having a different system needs.

Reading the article at first was tedious, it has a very small font and it was lengthy. I was looking for some sort of an introduction to the topic but the writer heads on to the topic right away. I was kind of lost but get the hang of it in the middle part.

Teaching these special children requires a lot of patience and understanding of their condition because not all the technique may work in a particular child because even if the children have a disorder they are still unique.

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Pinky Endaya said...

hi,im a mom of a 3yr old asd child.I hope you can share more about the miller method.I was looking for a schools offering special education course and i found your blog(coz i plan to enroll this year to further help and understand my baby boy as he grow older.I had a nice time reading your post:)