Saturday, January 23, 2010

California Day and Nail Spa - Review

Location: Robinson's Galleria Branch
Service: Spa Pedicure
Duration: 80 minutes / 35 minutes pedicure and 45 minutes foot spa
Costs: Php 390.00 plus an additional Php 20.00 for a special nail polish (Orly) for a total of Php 410.00

I don't usually go to expensive salons to have a pedicure. I know a trusted lady who pedicures my toenails at a minimal cost; but since it was my birthday and wants to pamper myself I decided to have a pedicure in one of the most popular nail salon in our country.

I wanted to have a pedicure and foot spa to relax my tired feet so I tried the spa pedicure.

Since it is one of the most popular nail spas in our country, you can't help it if you get to sit with celebrities and models. That day I had a pedicure I was sitting with Donita Rose, a popular Singapore-based Vee-jay turned TV host in a morning news show. And when she left, another model occupied the seat Donita vacated. It seems that they frequent the salon as they call them by their names.

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