Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Increasing Your Traffic Through Web Directories

Aside from having a very attractive blog with interesting and original content, you can increase your site traffic by enrolling your blog in a web directory. These are usually free directories that list your blog or website and enroll it under a relevant category. There are several guidelines in different web directories, some do not permit adult content or site that contains only affiliate links.

This blog is enrolled in some web directory that somehow increase the traffic of my blog. There is the Philippine Web Directory exclusively for Filipino oriented website.

I also tried Link referral, and Stumpedia which I can attribute as a cause to a surge in my traffic last month.

The very popular Yahoo Directories was the very first directory before the search engines become popular. Yahoo directories still remains as one the biggest and best organized web directories.

When I was preparing for my wedding, Weddings at Work provided a web directory of all wedding suppliers and it served as a very helpful guide to soon-to-be-bride.

Directories are not search engines. Directories rely on websites being submitted to them; then a team of actual people looks at the site to categorize it and check its quality and relevancy before adding it to the directory in the appropriate categories and sub-categories.

Some popular directories are Yahoo and DMOZ or the Wikipedia can also pass as a web directory.

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