Friday, April 02, 2010

Kiara Likes to Play Hide Inside Our Car

When Kiara was five months old, we attended a Trick or Treat event in a nearby village so we took a ride in a tricycle. We were only three minutes inside when she was crying uncontrollably. We have to stop in a nearby store and I tried to walk carrying her with the tricycle trailing behind us. I was with my mother-in-law and Miko. They stayed inside the tricycle. When she stopped crying, we again rode inside and she cried again. My mother-in-law took her and they tried to hail a cab. She was still crying. So we ended up walking to the village.

That was before, so we thought that she cannot ride a tricycle, we always bring a car whenever we go.

She loves to crouch in the back seat hiding at the back of the driver's seat. It is a hassle because the car mats that Irwin bought was sliding whenever Kiara would crouch. The car mat would end up in a bundle near the front. it was too short I guess, it was not fitted to the floor of the car.

I have to remind Irwin to get a new one. This time it should be fitted for Kiara's safety too.

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