Sunday, March 09, 2008

Goodbye My Little First Born Shih Tzu

Oh what a pain to experience loss and goodbyes.
Even for a little puppy.
It's been two days since she was sold and I am so attached to her.
I can't help but feel sad and until now I can't stop from crying.
I look like a fool crying over a puppy.
Well the last time I cried was when the other puppy has eye infection.
That was last Thursday, a week ago.
I also cried silently when I gave this little puppy away.
Now, I thought of getting her back and keeping them all to myself.
But I am pregnant and will be having a baby soon.
Of course, I can't take it back.
I have to deal with the pain.


Joy0z said...

hi..musta na? pls update my url into my new domain Agnes huh..the joydob one. my pop ups dito sa page mo which means may virus..remove some of the widgets infected like the google rank widget.

Unknown said...

oh..the Shih Tzu is so cute.aww!*hugs*

Beibi said...

joy! thanks for the advise sa virus yun pala yun!