Monday, June 08, 2009

Excess Weight and Feeling Good or Bad About Yourself

I found this article in the web and it is very timely for me because I am one of those people who have a weight problem and want to get back to shape. This article talks about the differences in attitudes of men and women on excess weight, the effects of excess weight on health and psychological well being. According to this article, men do not take excess weight as seriously as women did until later in life; people view their ideal body image from magazines especially media; weight gain affects health which predisposes a person to a lot of health problems; and losing weight with as little as 10 pounds can work wonders on the self-image of a person and it also shows the opposite of weight gain which is weight loss to being thinness or waif-like.

As a review to this article, I agree to most of the content of this article but this should not be generalized. This article lacks citation for the researchers the author was mentioning. He failed to include other means of adjusting to an excess weight.

For me, not all excess weight has a negative impact on a person. I for example have been trying to loose weight, I tried to drink herbal tea, bought a twist and shape to help me exercise, downloaded a hip hop abs video and tried to diet but still no significant weight loss. But it has no negative impact on my psychological being. I am a little sad, I couldn’t wear my pre-pregnancy clothes but it is a good excuse to shop, right? I keep on thinking, “I will loose weight” so I do not want to discard my old clothes, but when I was able to accept my body image, I am happier. I personally know a lot of people who are overweight, my husband for example but they do not have a negative self-image. As you can see in the Philippine magazine, they do have heavy-side model but they look good.
I bought a book, “What You Wear Can Change Your Life” by Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine and according to this book, you have to know what looks good on you and a change in clothing can definitely change your attitude about yourself. I read it and tried it and people around me said I’m blooming with the excess weight and all. I would welcome any day a loss in my weight but I am taking my time.

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