Monday, June 08, 2009

N1H1 Virus in schools and other matters

The N1 H1 virus is really scary. I just watched the news tonight on Channel 2 and there are 13 new cases of Influenza A in our country. Four of them came from De La Salle University. There was another case in FEU, a student who came from Japan. Where could these people be getting the virus from? The country where they came from or they get infected while inside the plane? It is really scary, I was brought to Medical city this morning because of gastrointestinal infection, I've been having diarrhea for four days and I was scared it might be amoebiasis. I am still lucky there was no bacteria instead they found out I had UTI. I was also dehydrated and loss body fluids, low on potassium and high count of white blood cells. They prescribed I take Ciprofloxacin which if ever can cure the bacteria in my urinary tract, respiratory and gastro-intestinal.

So if ever I contracted a virus from the hospital this morning, the antibiotics should be able to combat the infection. I was scared because while waiting at the lobby, I saw a girl cough and she was looking sick, then when I had a nap this afternoon I feel a slight warm almost feverish, well, false alarm, because now I am sweating.

I hope to go back to work tomorrow, today is suppose to be my first day at work, I was re-assigned to the HR department in Training. I was in charge of the Registration booth this morning, but I failed to come. I was prepared for this event, I was searching for a new blouse I could wear today, yesterday but I wasn't able to buy one because I was having diarrhea still. Grabe..
It seems every time I was excited on something, I get hospitalized.
Last year in August, it was my cousin's wedding and I bought a blouse to wear to that wedding but I had a miscarriage. Last year May, it was my college friend's wedding and I bought a blouse but I was admitted because I was having contractions, now I was again admitted this time, with no blouse. ;) It is really hard for me to get excited.

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