Saturday, June 20, 2009

My Own Mommy Website

It is one of my dreams to have my very own niche in the web. How can I realize my dream? By having my own address and finding a webhosting site that can supply and support my needs. First thing I would do is try to think of a very unique name. Since what I blog about is on my baby Kiara, a little bit of fashion finds, restaurant reviews, movies and other stuff. The name should be a general one because I have a lot of topics. But then, maybe I cold have a lot of domain name for each area right? As for the disk space, I will need a little space for the pictures that I will be uploading. There are webhosting sites that offer unlimited disk space and traffic. I do not need this I guess. As for the unlimited site traffic, I do not know if I could hit 10 million visitors simultaneously. But I do need a 100% uptime. They also offer a mailing system which I could probably need if I could turn my website into a blog and business site where I could offer services and great stuffs! What a nice idea!

All of these information are available at this webhosting site. This site offers review for all the available webhosting providers. I tried to read their review that’s why I got an idea what I will need if ever I will build my site. If you have a business that you need to promote, there is an available webhosting package for you, it may not necessary be the cheapest but you should go for reliability, no downtime and excellent technical support service. If you are not familiar with building a site, some webhosting package offers free site builders check out the reviews in the link above.

I tried to check out their blog and found a very useful article for potential web hosting searcher. The article discussed your need for a large disk space and bandwidth. It seems that not everyone needs a very large disk space as I earlier thought and wrote above. This article verified my thoughts.
If you have a lot of visitors go for a large bandwidth if you need a lot of files to upload or pictures go for a large disk space.

I hope that in the near future this domain name will become a reality.

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