Sunday, November 18, 2007

Pupung and Friends Pinoy Fast Food Resto

Yesterday we went to Mall of Asia to watch Beowulf on IMAX cinema, we do not usually go there because we are living in Pasig and MOA is in Pasay, it is very far from our place. We were looking for a new resto to try and so we've seen Pupung and Friends accidentally, since I am not so familiar with MOA all I can remember is that this resto is beside an escalator and another new restaurant KKK.

The Food
We ordered Rib Eye Pork Steak which costs 125.00 including java rice and a glass of ice tea. We also ordered halo-halo.

They also offer, tapa, liempo, longanisa, bangus belly, bbq tuna in sticks, breaded porkchop.

For drinks, they have guinumis (cold drink with coconut milk), halo-halo and buko pandan. They also have green mango ensalada, tinuktuk??? and laing.

The Cost
An order of a meal would cost around 70-88 pesos, their highest price of food is the pork steak. Drinks costs aroubd 16-25 pesos for soda and ice tea.
Other sidings you could order for 10.00 or 15.00 or 25.00 like laing or pinakbet.
Extra rice cost 12.00 and java rice costs 16.00.

The Ambience

It looks a little crowded and they cannot accommodate all the people coming in so the tendency is to look for another restaurant nearby. Their design is a big tarpaulin on the wall of Pupung and Friends comics, plus they wrap another comics tarpaulin in one of the big posts. They even use it to decorate their lampshape with Pupung and Friends cartoons.

It takes a while for your order to arrive, around 15-20 minutes, but if you ordered breaded porkchop it is readily available, if it needs to be barbequed you have to wait. Though we did not order porkchop, you can see it in their counter that it is already prepared. Maybe it is just their soft opening so they are a little slow.

The concept

Their menu is not new but their concept it, they named their food after the character in the comics, the decoration I think is original. They do not need a lot of advertisement because there is a lot of walk-in clients. They may be familiar with Pupung and Friends and the food is cheap.

I would give them a rating of 6 out 10, because I like what we ordered, but it is not a candidate for my favorite reataurant. You might just try it but nothing will make you come back, maybe the price or maybe if there is a long line in other resto.
The food is similar with Binalot and other street resto offering tapsi and breakfast meal. Maybe in one year they need to add, french fries, spaghetti, carbonara, and other food and maybe name it Pupung and Friends in Italy or France or America so you can order a burger. Hehehehe.

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