Tuesday, November 20, 2007

My 5 week old baby

Okey here is a sneak peak of my ultrasound, 5 weeks na si baby, my second pregnancy in a year, so this is my newest baby. Baka kasi nagtampo yung nauna, I didn't post the sonogram, kaya heto, I am pregnant so I have to be ultra careful and watch my steps, eat right, sleep well, be worry free and healthy because you can only have a healthy baby with a healthy mom right?

I have subchrionic hemorrage, no cause for worry naman daw, usual daw iyon sa mga pregnant women, but I had a miscarriage last August lang, so talagang careful na ako ngayon. I would say that this pregnancy is going to be not easy, since I always feel tired and sleepy, hungry and super lazy. Haay, sana I can stop working, pero mababato lang ako sa bahay, super active ako, maybe one reason why I lost my first baby, pero now I make it a point to stop and rest.

I wonder nga eh, I used to worry a lot, now parang I can't access that part of my brain for worrying, parang I have no care at all unlike before na super praning talaga ako. Now, I never get affected by hearsay or anything, deadma, basta ako I am going to have this baby, queber ko sa kanila.

Maybe this child is a fighter, so we will fight together, Aja! Aja! Kapit lang anak, it is going to be a loooong journey!


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