Friday, November 16, 2007

Pinoy Big Brother-Mariel

Among the housemates, kay Mariel ako nagagandahan, she has this natural flawless beauty . She seems childish though and sometimes she seems innocent that some people would find very "maarte". And I've been reading my social psychology book and according to it really looks are really deceiving, it is hard to judge someone, lalo na you have preconceived ideas. Meaning you've heard something about this person and it affects your perception of that person. We also could have different opinions for a single thing, some of you may agree with what I said about Mariel and some would disagree and some are just neutral.


Jane said...

hi! i also find mariel pretty. i dont watch pbb though :(

frenzy said...

hi i like her she's pretty but she can be too loud specially when hosting wowowee so annoying! hehe