Monday, November 05, 2007

iWhite Whitening Product

I am currently using the whole product range of iwhite from Korea, effective sya for removing blackheads and whiteheads, may one month na rin akong gumagamit, kaya lang dumadami ang pimples ko, sabi ni husband, baka raw dry ang skin ko, so we bought the moisturizer, ngayon I happen to check for the site ng iwhite, pero wala akong nakita, not sure talaga kung made in Korea nga siya. Baka naman iba ang name?

So eto, I will post the news from the online newspaper na nagtry na ng iwhite.


I am surrounded by dozens of relatives and friends, pre- and post-teens. Unlike of those generations past, this present generation seems to be getting more and more obsessed with skin whitening lotions. Is it because of the preponderance of deceitful marketing schemes of commercial products that promise but don’t deliver what they promise?

In the olden days, there were complimentary terms like, kayumangging-kaligatan, translates to the very desirable "olive" complexion. This was preferred to the white, Caucasian skin. This is a darker shade of the mediterranean skin. Most flattering when applied to the Filipina complexion.

UNTV had a dermatologist on. The female moderators of "What’s up Doc" wanted so much to learn how to maintain white, fair skin despite the tropical sun during sunny days. The major concern of these female broadcast journalists should have been more on skin cancer or ultraviolet rays on the retina. But having white skin was the expressed main concern.

These women reminded me of a young niece who asked if she should bleach her skin whiter like all of her friends are doing. My reply to my niece, and my message to the white skin-obsessed females at "What’s up, Doc":

If you’re born with beautiful features; your eyes sparkle from inner happiness and goodness, you can be shades more brown, and you would still be good-looking and desirable. We all have seen some really homely white-skinned Caucasian women, and their white skin did not help their appearance.

I lived in the Caribbean in South America. It was there where I saw some of the most beautiful women with perfect world-class facial features, and they were all had dark mahogany-skin. Some of them shaved their heads to show more of their profiles, faces, good skin. Bald and oh so beautiful!

I asked my niece if she thought I would look better "if my skin were two shades whiter. Do you think I’d be uglier if my skin were a few shades darker?" She answered no to both questions. I think I made her realized that lighter or darker skin really has nothing to do with looking good.

That ended the need to bleach, to dangerously whiten the Filipino skin which these TV female personalities seem to be endorsing–the whiter the better.

Recently, I counted more than a dozen whitening products in the drugstore shelves. I wanted to put one to test to make a case. I bought (P140.00) a tube of the product "iWhite Korea."

On the tube reads: Skin Whitening Vita Aqua Moisturing Cream with Mulberry and Panax Ginseng Root Extracts Plus Green Tea Leaf Extract. Light Cool Soothing Oil-free. Bio Nanotechnology. 1.76 oz (50 g.)"

On its skin-whitening capability, it claims, "The perfect combination of Mulberry Extract to shiten shin discoloration, Green Tea Extract and Vitamins ACE to protect skin against cellular damage and premature aging. Aloe Vera and Vitamin B5 for elasticity and firmness of the

skin plus emollients makes iWhite Aqua Moisturizing Cream the ideal choice for all skin types."

I applied the cream on the left side of my neck, shoulder and arm morning and night after showers. I’ve been doing this for about 50 days now. It is evident that there is no chance at all in color, shade, or texture between my left neck and shoulder and my right side neck and shoulder.

If iWhite has been ineffective after 50 days of twice-daily application, then there must be nothing to it. If iWhite is so ineffective, why is it doing a booming business enriching the Bio-cosys Corporation of San Juan? Doesn’t the BFAR or Dept. of Health worry about ineffective drugs allowed to stay in the market?


Anonymous said...

hi. i've also been using iWhite now for 1month.. and it had a good effect on my skin. my pores are noticeably finer and skin noticeably whiter. maybe it has different effects for different types of skin.

CyNurse said...

I have been using iWhite for weeks. And I'm loving it esp. the coffee sugar polish, aqua mositurising cream, and the rose petal mask.

The whole line smells nice and leaves my skin smooth and supple.

katie rhoda said...

Hello! I was wondering if you used sunblock during your experiment.If not, it may have affected your whitening. Also, perhaps your skin tone is naturally dark. Whitening products are supposed to lighten your skin to its original tone, not exactly change it. It's cultural. Caucasians want to make their tone darker or tanner. Why do people not attack self-tanners? Isn't that the same idea albeit the opposite effect is desired? Sure, I am all for being who you really are; but some people look better with light skin, some look better with darker or tanned skin. It's when one becomes obssessed with things that it becomes not good.

Darlene said...

Type in Google "iWhite Korea". You'll find their site on the top. I use many of their products. Although, I have to agree that they are not as effective as they claim to be, but they have been gentle on my acne-prone face and the products smell good.

Beibi said...

this website was created 2008, when I wrote the blog entry it was 2007, good thing they created a website, I really thought they were bogus.

Anonymous said...

To be honest, just because it didn't work on you doesn't mean it is an ineffective product. That's the same with pain killers. If it's not effective does that means it's a failure of a product?

It worked on me and I love the product very much. I didn't buy it for the Iwhite "whitening" label. I bought it because a friend made me try out the facial mask and it felt great on my skin.

It all about how you see things.

Anonymous said...

Iwhite korea gathers thier ingredients from korea and bio cosys process these ingredients in san juan so it's still made in the philippines... and you know products that are made in the phil. sucks a lot!!!!

Anonymous said...

fuck that product!!!it's very will totally damage your face...

Anonymous said...

i've been using iwhite skin whitening vita aqua moisturizing cream everyday night for a month now, and it really made me even fairer.. love it. it really works.

Anonymous said...

It work! And it made my skin more fairer .. Thanks a lot to iWhite :)))

Anonymous said...

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