Saturday, April 17, 2010

Call Center Agents and AIDS

In a recent study on the Young Professional's Lifestyle in Manila and Cebu by UP, results showed that from the sample of the respondents there is a high risk of acquiring AIDS. AIDS is usually transmitted through sharing of needles when you are doing drugs and through sex. There is an increase of this disease in gay men and there is a perception that there is an abundance of gay men in call centers.

Though the reaction of the call center agents on HIV/AIDS virus is negative, because they claimed that not all call center are sexually active. The lifestyle of the call center may have encourage the active sexual lifestyle. If you acquired AIDS it will not be covered by a health insurance.

As much as possible, not only for call center agents, for all people in general, it is safe to be monogamous and not have sex with a lot of partners. People with AIDS usually do not know they have the disease unless they are tested for AIDS.

In a study by PGH, doctors voluntarily requested call center agents to be tested with AIDS and from those who responded to the free AIDS test, they concluded that from those tested only a few are HIV positive.

Still this is not enough to be calm when it comes to the issue of AIDS.
With all the available information on AIDS, the government should also make a nationwide campaign to prevent this disease.

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