Monday, April 12, 2010

I am Dreaming of a New House

These past few months have been a mixture of ups and downs, from not getting enough sleep to arranging a lot of requirements in school like grades, my clearance, my very late thesis in the graduate school and last but not the least, the pending land title that I’ve been constantly following up at the Pasig Registry of Deeds.

I need the title to be completed because we plan to build a six-door apartment as an investment. My mother was the one handling all the requirements, as much as possible we do not want to give any “bribe” or “lagay” in Tagalog in exchange for faster service.

Speaking of service, I heard of a US company that offers a car title loans where you can have an automatic cash and use your car title as Collateral loan. Just give them your car title and you can have an easy cash in case you have an emergency and you can still use your car.

If only the people in the registry of deeds are as fast as those people. Oh, I would surely love them. If only I am living in the States, I would like to live in Los Angeles, California so I could be near with my relatives. Maybe I would have a car title loans Los Angeles in exchange for some cash so I could start building my dream house. Well, that is just a dream.

Anyway, I am still young, I can still earn and have a lot of money, I can dream big and that includes a big house.

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