Friday, April 02, 2010

A President Who Can Lower Health Insurance Costs

I wish we could have a new president just like Obama who thinks of the health of its constituents. Obama has a health reform and thinks of the high insurance cost in America.He has plans to invest in prevention and wellness. Here in our country only the privilege has a health insurance. it seems that any candidate for Presidency in our country has no health plans for its constituents. For a country to prosper they need healthy individuals, not sickly and cannot even keep a job.

I have relatives living in the United States, they are paying for their health insurance and it costs a lot. It is hard to look for an insurance that fits all of your requirement. Not all insurance would cover everything, some people do not need all of the services of the insurance but who knows what will happen in the next day or month. You might need to have a laboratory exam and if you do not have an insurance it is too costly. Tonic Health Insurance has a simple offer which is good for individuals who are healthy but still needs a health coverage in case of emergency.

I hope the next president will have health of the people as one of its priorities.

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