Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Manny Pacquiao and Las Vegas

You know Manny right? He is a famous boxer, world class boxer. He is always in the US especially in Las Vegas. I wonder, just like in the movies, does he arrive at the boxing arena in a Las Vegas limo? Who drives him around the area? Wow! It would be a thrill to see Manny going down a Limo and he, wearing a coat and a tie, maybe not specifically for a boxing match, that would be very awesome.

I also wonder about the politician that are watching Manny's fight, do they hire a limo company in Las Vegas? I often wonder about that. I also wonder and imagine myself, wearing a very expensive gown, with a very comfortable high heeled shoes and fully made up with diamonds on my neck and escorted by... Brad PItt... Amazing! I would love to have that dream. Brad Pitt would have towered over me. But you know what a limo car can give you, it can give you a sense of pride or even pleasure in riding one, and when you get down from it, it may seem that people will look at you and you are the center of attention.

I wish this fantasy will somehow come true, in case I visit the US, I would go to Las Vegas and get a Las Vegas Limousines for maximum exposure and pleasure.

I can jsut iamgine myself as Vivian in Lovers in Paris, this time it would be Lovers in Las Vegas... yahoo!

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