Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I Need to Finish my Thesis Fast

I am on rush to finish my thesis for the graduate school, more so when I learned that my co-teachers are already on their defense stage. I panicked to know that. I've been searching now for textbooks that are related to my topic which is burnout.

Burnout can be found in Organizational Psychology books or even books on stress.
I also need books on Human Development, Abnormal Psychology, Clinical etc.
And I cannot find cheap textbooks, they are all very expensive.

The books that I am using are all old, like for example, the history of Psychology book that I'm using was published in 1987 and that was how many years ago. I am on search for used textbooks for sale even if there are minimal mark, some are good as new, as long as I can save some money because I buy them in several titles and topics because they are cheap. You can get at least two books for the price of one book. It is that cheap and practical.

If you are going to look at my shelf, there are a number of textbook on display. I have two Social Psychology books, two theories of personality and a lot of introduction to psychology.

I need it especially now that I am also writing a book for Psychology 101. I need several references for the book and I would rather have a real book than a virtual one.

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Mary Lemley said...

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