Wednesday, January 30, 2008

ABS CBN and GMA 7 Channel War

Stop It! Stop It! Stop It! I hate hearing anything related to this two TV station fighting over who is on top of the rating. I am developing an allergic reaction to any words, any commercials, any news on TV or radio related to the fight.

I seldom watch the television but if I watch it I choose Channel 2, so I am a Kapamilya. I only watch Coffee Prince on GMA after that I turn it off. I am better off watching CSI, Prison Break, Pushing Daisies, Monk, House and others. I even rarely watch the news or read the newspaper.

According to Dr. Amelita de Guzman, our professor in Socio class, these people or establishment who promotes customer service are only after one thing. PROFIT! If they really care about their client, about their viewers you can see it in their programs. Even if they are the least in the rank if they really care then they are worth every hour or minute that we watch them.

So what is connection if the Lopez group owns Skycable? Is there a relationship to their claim? That Channel 7 has a bad reception in a cable TV? I am not so sure because we have a cable and it's not Sky and the reception for Channel 7 is also bad.

I may be bias because I used to work for the Lopez group, maybe I am saying this out of loyalty but I know that I am keeping an open mind. I just don't accept any claim, any accusation without a real basis. That is how a scientist and a rational person thinks. I am a rational person, I am a scientific person. If the rating of GMA is really tampered, then it is tampered, if after all the tampering and still GMA is no 1, so be it. I'll still continue watching ABS CBN shows.

So If you asked around, majority may seem to be watching GMA shows, but the count in a barangay is not enough to generalize it to all. Maybe those watching ABS CBN program are too rich or too unapproachable to install an AGB Nielsen cable monitor so they are already out of the list.

If you randomly select a barangay, random means anyone has every chance of being included and if you randomly pick a rich household, are you going to insist that you install an AGB monitor? They would not do that, they care too much about their privacy, they do not want anyone monitoring what they watch.

I have this theory that those who watch shows on ABS CBN are more refined, more professional, more calm than those watching GMA 7 shows. In short, people watching GMA shows are (sorry for the word), "jologs" some people do not want to be called this name. I may be generalizing, that is a fault. Sorry if you are a Kapuso.
The shows are really not appealing to me. Oh maybe, I also watch Jessica Soho but not regularly.

THis is just a theory ok, no hard feelings.


Anonymous said...

I hate hearing about it too..

:P said...

this is exactly why I don't watch local tv anymore and I pretty much don't read the papers as well. it's just too depressing and too bothersome. cable, i like. books, I love.


Anonymous said...

ur ryt ate agnes, go true-blooded kapamilyas!