Thursday, January 03, 2008

Resto Review: House of Minis at Ugong, Pasig

First time I ate here at this branch was three years ago on Valentine's Day with Irwin. We ordered steak and I was not impressed with the service and the table linens were soiled. Yesterday, my family and I went here because they want to try the food, we were thinking of eating at San Jacinto but choose this instead. The same building, the same structure, nothing was changed. The linens are still green and maroon and soiled. Some have cigarette burns in the table linens.

So we ordered Fillet Mignon, Tenderloin Tips, Grilled Porkchop with apple sauce, Beef Spare Ribs, Chicken Barbeque and Hawaiian Style Porkchop. All the orders includes soup of the day, dinner rolls, salad and dessert. Each order cost around Php 205.00 to Php 290.00.

By the way, we even saw Amy Perez at a nearby table, I wonder if they also ordered steak and if the cook will cook it differently if you are a celebrity???

I originally ordered the Hawaiian Style Porkchop and my brother ordered the Hawaiian Ham Steak, I changed my order to Beef Spareribs but the waiter failed to change my order and still ordered the Hawaiian Style Porkchop, Well, I guess it was also my fault because I was not listening when he tried to change my order and also his fault because he took for granted our orders, he got confused with the orders and failed to repeat our orders.

DO NOT order the Hawaiian Style Porkchop, it is full of ketchup on top of grilled porkchops. The Fillet Mignon and Tenderloin Tips tastes the same, the Beef Spareribs that I ordered has half beef fat and we take it out so our dogs can enjoy eating it. My sister ordered the Tenderloin Tips, I do not like the Beef Spareribs so we switched food, I also do not like the Tenderloin Tips but I like the fried potato that goes with it.

I enjoyed eating the soup and dinner rolls though, maybe I was not so hungry that's why the food did not taste great. The salad, looks like coleslaw and the dessert is vanilla ice cream. I like the apple sauce.

We should have eaten at Italianni's instead.


Jeanne said...

all the food that you mentioned seems so good tastes hehehe... anyway... i have a tag for you. i dont know if you want to do it or not. visit my blog and read my post "New Year's Resolutions".

Vina P said...

hi! happy new year! we also tried house of minis once about 2 years ago and never returned.

Beibi said...

I thought their service will improve after 2 years, it is still the same

Anonymous said...

i had a disgusting experience at the glorietta branch the soup was like runny water and the steak and grave had hair! mismanaged i guess

Beibi said...

yeah, their service is not the best, they should try and change it.