Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Lea Salonga's Blog at Multiply

Lea has been my idol for years, well aside from Sharon Cuneta, I was joking my students that I used to like Sharon now I like KC. I've overgrown Sharon but never Lea Salonga. I am posting her entry here and I took it from this site.

This is Me by Lea Salonga

I am 36 years old and a work in progress, but I've got a pretty good handle on who I am.

I speak with honesty and frankness, sometimes to someone else's consternation. I shoot from the hip and have no censors; you'll know exactly where I stand. I do try to phrase things delicately when facing a sensitive issue, but for the most part you'll get me unfiltered.

I've wined and dined in finer places, but am more comfortable with an ice cold beer in my hand and my fingers greased from beer food. I'm loud and happy when I'm intoxicated, and am never belligerent. I would much rather avoid confrontation than to launch an all-out war, but am not afraid if the latter is necessary and called for. I speak softly and respectfully, and I see no need to hurl expletives, especially with people I love (except when they're being total and complete jackasses).

I'm fiercely loyal to my loved ones, and would put them first over any business associate. My family comes first before all else, excepting God. I'm not above hearing juicy gossip, but I won't ever spread it around as I wouldn't want the same done to and about me.

When someone wrongs me, and I see that person in a public setting, you can bet that I will ignore rather than greet. If you don't like me, then leave me the hell alone. Chances are I don't like you either.

I abhor unprofessional behavior and any violation of this business's spoken and unspoken ethics. No one has the right to behave like a diva. I demand excellence from everyone I work with, but want everyone to have a good time too. I'm a great partner, and will never steal a scene from someone else, as I'd rather make him or her look good. Although I'm great fun to work with, I do my job with the utmost seriousness. I will get things done. I take pride in my work and strive for nothing short of perfection with each attempt.

This is me.

I see myself in her except for the talent part, I also speak honestly and do not care if people like me or not. I do not want to be a pretender, what you see is what you get and most of the time they do not like what they see because I do not kiss ass. I would treat any president of any company like I treat my father or like I treat anyone else so people in high places or is very status oriented would find me disrespectful.
Just like what Professor Higgins said in Pygmalion, "treat everyone like you were in heaven where there are no second class citizen and no one is above or below you, all are angels." I believe in equality and I hate favoritism of any kind. But I guess, we are all human with weaknesses. We fall for money, for power, for fame for anything that would satisfy our needs, so favoring someone more I guess is not a crime, it is just merely an exchange of needs. You get what you need sacrifice something.


Jeanne said...

long time ago i heard about lea salonga....

Rockstarmomma said...

i love her too! she's so talented! :)

Beibi said...

just happen to buy a smart parenting magazine and she's on the cover, so I searched on her blog.