Saturday, January 12, 2008

Hamburger, Barbeque, Steaks and Gas Grills

Wow! Imagine having your own gas grill where you can cook your favorite hamburgers, steaks and barbeque straight from your kitchen. I often see this scene in American movies, where they held barbeque days and serve large portions of steak and barbeque. Just thinking about it makes me want to buy one. I remember when we ate at House of Minis and we ordered steak, I wonder if they have a gas grill in their kitchen. Who among the best restaurant offers great tasting steak? Is it because of the marinade, the sauce, the quality of the beef, secret recipe and spices or is it also because of the grills that they use?
We may be familiar with an ordinary hamburger grills like the one that is used in Burger machine right? Yes it is a stainless steel grill. Yes the taste maybe acceptable but wait till you taste something that has been cooked from a different stainless steel grill.

Gas grills can be very expensive, it can be taken as an investment, these grills occupy a lot of room and preferably this is placed outside the house. This is very convenient for American homes. My friend in Australia has a gas grill and they really use it outside the house like the backyard. I saw a picture of them cooking steaks, and my oh my, what a Big steak.

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In case you have the urge to spend money on gas grill

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