Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Cyma Greek Tavern at The Ledge Shangrila

Since it was my birthday last Wednesday, we decided to try out this restaurant at the Shangrila Mall. We have a lot of choices actually. There is Claw Daddy, Tender Bobs, Crustacia, Penang, Sumo Sam and on the other side there is Cocorama, Wok Express, a Vietnamese Restaurant etc. We ended up dining at this Greek restaurant because it was the only restaurant that is overflowing with guests.

So we reserved our seats and when it was our turn went inside and checked the menu, Whoa! I'm seeing a lot of letter K and letter Rs. Although the menu has pictures and descriptions of the food, we are undecided what to order. Irwin doesn't want to order because upon seeing the menu he was reminded of his Israel days where all he can eat was pita bread, chicken, salad and lamb. I could almost hear him say "blech" and let his tongue out.

I was not with him in Israel so I'd like to try the food, I ordered Roka Pasta to share costing 380.00. I was surprised when it arrived, I thought it was a salad because there was a lot of unfamiliar leaves on top. I was about to decline it when they placed it on the table and then I saw the pasta. I was more surprised when it didn't contain any tomato sauce but only olive oil.

It tasted like Charlie Chan's Pasta at Yellow Cab because there were nuts and due to my ignorance, I tasted one of the leaves and it was very bitter, so it is not good to eat. Half of the pasta has the leaves.

We also ordered their special iced tea costing 60.00 per glass and 80.00 for refillable ice tea. It tastes different all right, I could taste some flowers in it.

We also tried HTIPITI costing 105.00. It was pita bread with blue cheese with baked green pepper. A little spicy combined with the salty taste of the cheese. Together with the pasta, we could not finish eating it, we were already full with the pasta maybe because of the olive oil, in tagalog "nakakasuya".

Maybe the Greek food was designed for dieters so they could only eat a little. There were still a lot of main menu and appetizers if ever you happen to try this restaurant. Minimum cost per order would be 150.00 and it is good for two naman.

Other guests only tried their salad, one order costs 280 and the bigger size costs 380 a difference of 100 pesos.

Since it was my birthday, I was the only woman in the room with flowers, nope it did not come from Cyma but from Irwin.

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