Sunday, April 06, 2008

Korean Style

If you are an avid Koreanovela watchers and admire the blouses and the clothes that the actresses are wearing, check out

I especially like the blouse shown above but of course it would not fit me. Asian styles are fit for a slim figure and some of them may not be the style the Filipinos like. I think Filipinos are more fashionable but Koreans wear something fun.

I bought a similar white blouse just like in the picture from Milk and Co.


Anonymous said...

ha!this is interesting,Luckily they ship to canada.YYa you are right those clothes without sizes are special made for hongkong or china girls.Geee,I like their funky and funny style too.I can't wear clothes that don't have sizes to choose.:P

Joy0z said...

nice and cool dresses, love it!

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