Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Friend's Family Dilemma

I have a friend who is a graduate of Nursing and she will take the board exam this June, currently she is reviewing for her exam. Her father died of electrocution from fishing and her elder brother is the only witness to her father's death. Her brother developed depression and post traumatic disorder and is currently under psychological treatment. He was being blamed for the father's death. Her father died when they were still young.

Her mother used to be an OFW, but right now she is out of job. Her eldest brother is married with two babies, one newborn and another one is almost two years old. He has no work and has never work ever since, his eldest brother is 25 years old.

She was able to go to college through the help of her Aunts from her mother side. her family is living in Pampanga, with their maternal grandmother. Her family depends on the pension of their maternal grandmother who's husband is a war veteran. They used up all of their grandmother's money to pay for the diapers, milk and household expenses. No one wants to help her family because they are still young and out of job, in short they are very lazy. They sit around all day watching the television without stretching a single muscle or bone yet they were able to eat and live.

Now this is what she asked me:

1. If ever she gets married is she going to support her family?
2. How can she teach her family especially her eldest brother to look for a job?
3. Can she just neglect them after she passed the board exam and get a job?

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