Saturday, April 19, 2008

Kimono Ken, Kaya and Jugo Juice

Kaya Restuaurant at Megamall

They have a value meal of P111.00 with soup and 6 oz iced tea. Their value meal is the rice toppings. We ordered Spicy Pork with rice, a dash of Kimchi, egg and dried shrimp. Their rice is ok but it is nothing compared to the taste of Kimono Ken's rice toppings.
We also ordered their special noodles Jap Chim that costs 136.00 they also have that at Chosun in Shangrila Mall but though I didn't tasted the one at Shangrila, I think it tastes better at Shangrila. The noodle is cooked right and it is a little sweet. I like it though, might as well try the one in Shangrila.

Jugo Juice at The Podium

We tried the Jugo Juice at the Podium, the place looks cozy that's why we went inside. It is located at the ground floor beside Cheesecake etc. I have to take a seat because I am tired of walking we've seen a very nice chair inside so we went in.
Jugo Juice is similar to the concept of Fusion located at the 5F of Podium but the juices or smoothies at Fusion tastes better because I think their smoothies has a lot of ice and less fruit. In Fusion, they froze their fruits so they need less ice and it is more flavorful. The price is almost the same. Irwin ordered the Watermelon Wiggle with watermelon, strawberry and cranberry? I ordered the fresh juice, Mega Veg that has cucumber, celery, carrots etc. Blech! Do not order this, I ordered it because I know it is good for the health, it detoxifies. But I will never order it again.

Kimono Ken at Food Court Shangrila

Wow! This is going to be one of my favorite Japanese restaurant, I like their rice toppings and Kani Salad. We tried the Kani Salad at Teriyaki Boy but this one tastes better. Mom and Tina also has a Kani Salad but the cucumber is not grated!

Their rice toppings tastes like heaven, I was able to eat it in 15 minutes, the rice that they used is excellent and the sauce is different. The difference lies in the sauce. I ordered pork and Irwin ordered chicken and I was able to distinguish the taste of the sauces. Yummy!

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Anonymous said...

Hi, masmasarap and Jugo kaya sa Fuzion. Ang fuzion may daya. yung "extract" nila ay sugar talaga. one time nagcomplain ako na maasim yung drink ko nagadd sila ng "extract". Tapos kung tinanong mo yung mga staff ng jugo at fuzion. Ang mga staff ng Jugo alam nila yung difference ng smoothie from shake. Ang smoothie daw real fruits and real juice. Ang fuzion yung "extract" or should i say syrup at ice ang ginagamit nila. Shake lang sila.